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Give Your Child The Lifelong Gift of Personal Success,
Self Confidence, Perseverance, Discipline, and Self Defense.

While They Have FUN Doing It…


Martial arts classes normally make you think of self defense & physical fitness. But it offers your child so MUCH MORE!

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Your child’s friends are no longer your main concern when it comes to their character development. With the internet, negative and harmful influences can introduce themselves into your child’s life. 

Martial Arts training helps to establish lifelong character and leadership traits that can benefit your child for the rest of their life. 

Through learning the skills and techniques of martial arts, to the guidance and inspiration of our instructors and the positive social interaction with their fellow classmates, your kids will develop a whole list of skills.

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martial arts classes

Physical Fitness Disguised as FUN

We live in a time where the foods we eat and the constant sitting and staring into screens has unfortunately left a number of kids without enough regular exercise.

Our kids martial arts classes provide a full body workout disguised inside a ton of FUN!

That is because our classes are jam packed with drills, activities, and games used to disguise training repetition.

It’s important to you that your kids stay healthy and develop their bodies as much as they do their minds. But even more important are the habits formed through our classes at a young age to help children develop into healthy adults.

Real World  Self Defense From Bullies & Predators

No one ever wants their children to have to use the skills learned in our Martial Arts classes, but all parents want their kids to have the needed skills to be safe. 

That is why our martial arts instructors teach two of the most effective forms of martial arts to our youth members. Through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also know as BJJ and Kickboxing we provide your child with the skills needed for self defense in any circumstance.  

However, self defense should only be used as a last resort. That is why we provide your child with the tools they need to diffuse a situation without violence when possible and the knowledge needed to determine when a situation requires them to use their self defense skills to stay safe. 

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kids martial arts classes

They Are Going To Have A Blast

Kids just want to have fun!

That is why our instructors strive to make sure your child’s having fun while learning new and valuable skills. 

Our facility also provides them with a fun and healthy environment for them (and you) to make friends with other like-minded students and parents. It really is a place where students become a family. 

Customer reviews

"My son and I have been training here for a while and are grateful to the staff and atmosphere. My wife has even decided to start training in Jiu Jitsu due to the welcoming group of people and knowledge of the staff."

martial arts classes
Nick Munk
"My eight year old son loves the classes here at Octane MMA. All of the instructors are caring and great with the children. The instructors are not just teaching techniques, they're teaching the kids about life situations and how to be respectful."
Tanya Chaney
"Octane MMA Kids Program is a perfect combination of focus and skill, discipline and fun. My daughter loves every minute there thanks to the dedicated, caring coaches who strive to bring out the best in every child, every day. It's a true team environment filled with respect, learning and growing."
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Crystal Schafer


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