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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Other than just being a mere sport and martial art, Brazilian jiu jitsu can be a way to change your life. There are many benefits associated with Brazilian jiu jitsu training, and that is the reason why many people consider it to be a lifestyle and art form. The benefits go well beyond what you can physically see, both mentally and spiritually, and it has changed many lives.

Physical Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The first obvious physical benefit of Brazilian jiu jitsu training is the fact that it helps in losing weight. Not only does it put you in better shape, but it also increases flexibility and overall strength. It is undeniable that you will begin to see the physical benefits after just a few weeks of training, and you will not even be able to see the amazing health benefits you are receiving in addition to your weight loss.

Perhaps the biggest reason why people exercise is because they wish to look a certain way. You will probably never hear someone say they are working out to lower cholesterol or improve health. Brazilian jiu jitsu is the same, because students do not start training to lower blood sugar, but they want to be physically fit. It will do good to keep in mind that the best benefits you are receiving from training are the ones that you can not see, because Brazilian jiu jitsu greatly improves internal health.

Aside from all of that, training in Brazilian jiu jitsu will teach you how to use your full body as one unit. In modern society and during work and daily activities, the body learns some rather strange movement patterns that are just not natural. Learning the art of BJJ will help you to become more physically aware and confident. Your overall strength and mobility will also greatly improve, and you will find that some exercises that were once difficult are now easy to perform.

Mental Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

More often than not, the great mental benefits associated with Brazilian jiu jitsu are simply overlooked. First and foremost, the art of learning a new technique will require just as much mental activity as physical effort. In order to completely learn a technique, you must practice consistently, and in a way, your mind is studying the new information. It is as if you are in school, first learning a subject, and then applying it. However, it can be difficult at first when learning to apply the new technique, and through lots of practice, you will overcome the obstacle and become more confident and accomplished. It can take years to master the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu, and it gives the students more incentive to practice and hone their skills.

One of the greatest hidden benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu training is the struggle of failing and trying again. It amazingly helps improve the mental strength of students, because after so many failures and practice, the mind develops much needed discipline and endless patience. Since it requires intense focus, after much training and dedication, you will soon experience a stress free outlook on BJJ and even life. You will receive unlimited benefits in patience and discipline when training in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Another undeniable benefit is that through training you will be able to release stress and anger. Through rolling and drilling sessions, you will release much frustration and energy, and ultimately feel much better. Training time is your time, and there is nothing better than training hard after a frustrating day at school or work.

At Octane MMA, you will meet people from all walks in life: doctors, lawyers, students, men and women alike. The best part is that you are all there for one reason- to get better at BJJ. Training is an excellent way to improve physical and mental health, learning abilities and stress levels. Brazilian jiu jitsu training is all about learning lessons and getting up every time you fall down, in order to become a stronger, mentally tough and more motivated person.

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