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When a new student joins our Kick boxing Program, we always ask them a few simple questions. Besides learning about their goals, the main question we want an answer to is “what made you want to try Kick boxing.” The answers always vary from weight loss, self defense, learn something new, etc. Typically attached to their answer comes the most important thing… they tell us “I was really nervous to try it out” or “I’ve been wanting to try it forever, but I couldn’t work up the courage to come in.” It seems Octane MMA has fallen victim to the stigma in our Industry that Kick boxing = Fighting. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and we take steps to make sure our students feel welcomed & comfortable.

Friendly & Inviting Environment

The first thing you see when you walk into our gym is couches for our parent’s area. As soon as you walk in, we want you to feel comfortable and feel like you’re about to have a very different gym experience (because you are). We try very hard to be different than the prototypical “Fight Gym,” simply because that’s not us. Our gym and mats are clean, we have men’s and women’s locker rooms, and everything about our place screams “friendly.” We don’t want you to feel intimidated, or shy about coming to try Kick boxing. We want you to feel like you’re heading over to a friend’s house to hang out and learn something new. We understand that the idea of Kick boxing can be intimidating, and our culture is set up to destroy that intimidation factor.

Outgoing & Helpful Teammates

kick boxing monongahela pa
An actual Kick boxing Class at Octane MMA in Monongahela

Our team is pretty remarkable and come from all walks of life. They all have one thing in common though… they’re good people. When new students come in to Kick boxing class, we find that a lot of our more advanced students bend over backwards to help them (without being prompted). If a new student is having trouble with a technique, you often see an advanced student jumping in to give them a hand with it. When a new student gets down in the dumps about anything Kick boxing related, these advanced guys and girls jump in and give them pep talks. It’s pretty much without fail. The camaraderie in our Kick boxing Classes is phenomenal to witness.  We’re not building a “Fight Gym,” we’re building a community of like-minded individuals who want something better for their lives. And, our advanced students understand this concept, and do a great job of helping us with our mission.

Personable Instructors

We do a lot of laughing in Kick boxing class. We have a lot of great personalities on our team, and everyone vibes pretty well together. Obviously, we’re there to get a great workout & reach our goals. But, we’re not drones, we’re human and we’re meant to have fun trying new things. We get that. So, our instructors go out of their way to make classes fun, engaging, and personal to you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but the benefits are pretty unbelievable. We had a new student last week lose 10 lbs. in her first 6 classes. She has also absolutely loved her experience so far. Not because she’s lost weight. But, because we care about her & the journey that she’s on.  And we made her feel welcomed. We’re committed to helping her reach her goals, and she is committed to becoming a better student & person. Everybody wins.

No Sparring for Beginner Students

kick boxing octane mma
“Bob” the dummy. One example of things you’ll be hitting in class.

When you’re a new student in Kick boxing, you won’t spar (fight with a human opponent). Heck, you won’t even hit a human opponent in drills. In fact, you’ll never be forced to spar. Once you reach a certain level, you’ll be given the option if you want it, but you’ll never be forced.

You’ll be doing most of your work on pads, mitts, bags, and dummies. You’ll certainly be hitting things and relieving stress. But, you never have to worry about walking in to work the next day with a black eye. Again, that’s not our style & we don’t practice that way. We’re completely committed to safety in our training.

Let Your Guard Down & Give Kick boxing a Try?

Listen, if you’ve been thinking about trying Kick boxing & are tentative about it, all I’m asking is that you give it a shot. Get out of your comfort spot for one night, and try it out. The thing you’ll find is behind the negative stigma of “Kick boxing = Fighting” are real people. Real, normal people who will help you if you let them. In our case, very personable people who want the best for you (even though we don’t know you yet). We’re all just people trying to get along in life, and you may end up making some new pals in the process. If this sounds intriguing, click the link below & fill out the form. We will call you to discuss your goals, and set up a day/time for you to try it out for Free.

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Hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon.

Jason Weslager, Co-Owner, Octane MMA