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Top 3 Differences Between Jiu Jitsu and Karate

Parents tell us all the time that they tried out a traditional martial art such as Karate before ultimately landing on Octane MMA’s Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing classes for their child. I just wanted to take a few minutes and explain some key differences between our Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing program, and a traditional Karate …

Self Defense Training – Could You Truly Defend Yourself?

With more and more stories coming to light in regards to people being attacked or involved in some sort of altercation, would you be prepared in the event it happened to you? Odds are the answer is no. If you have never trained in some form of martial arts or self defense training, you’re at …

Nervous or Tentative to Try Kick Boxing? Read This!

When a new student joins our Kick boxing Program, we always ask them a few simple questions. Besides learning about their goals, the main question we want an answer to is “what made you want to try Kick boxing.” The answers always vary from weight loss, self defense, learn something new, etc. Typically attached to their …

5 Reasons Women Should Try Kickboxing

If you haven’t already been privy to the benefits of kickboxing, allow me to enlighten you.This is only a top 5 list, but it could be easily expanded to many more. I won’t bore you with more explanation, let’s jump right into it. #5 Get rid of fat, quickly Kickboxing combines martial art techniques, and heart pumping cardio. This …

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