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5 Reasons Women Should Try Kickboxing

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If you haven’t already been privy to the benefits of kickboxing, allow me to enlighten you.This is only a top 5 list, but it could be easily expanded to many more. I won’t bore you with more explanation, let’s jump right into it.

#5 Get rid of fat, quickly

Kickboxing combines martial art techniques, and heart pumping cardio. This combination is guaranteed to help the fat melt away. Obviously, a well-tuned diet will help make this process quicker. Either way, if you’re looking to get into shape quickly, this is the right exercise regimen. Studies show that you can burn 750 calories in one hour of Kickboxing; try THAT on a treadmill.

#4 Learn valuable self defense

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We live in a world where people constantly have to look out for themselves. Kickboxing provides the necessary skills to defend yourself if the situation ever arises. In class, you’ll learn a variety of techniques that’ll make someone wish they never messed with you.

#3 Tone your entire body

Kickboxing utilizes SO many different muscles; some that you probably didn’t know existed. Just because the word “kick” is in the title doesn’t mean you’re only using your legs. You’ll build your arms, abs, core, thighs, calves, glutes, and more. It’s an all around great workout.

#2 Take out stress and aggression

Fact: everyone gets stressed out sometimes. Whether the cause is your job, husband, kids, or something else, it happens to everyone. The trick is taking that stress and harnessing that energy into something positive. Kickboxing is the perfect outlet. In Octane MMA Fundamental classes, you’ll get to leak that aggression by punching bags, pads, mitts, and dummies. We don’t permit sparring (fighting other people) in our fundamental classes, so there’s no need to worry.

#1 It’s so much fun

women's kickboxing monongahela

The #1 Reason women take Kickboxing is because it’s fun. Traditional gym routines are generally pretty boring (which is why most people don’t use those routines over the long haul). With Kickboxing, you’re learning new skills all the time, and constantly challenging yourself to do better. You’ll have the support of your coaches and teammates through the whole process.
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