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Wrestling Will Elevate Your MMA Game

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Until about 3 months ago, all of the UFC titles were held by former NCAA Wrestlers. Why? Because a quality wrestling game gives you the ability to take the fight where you want it. Stand up game not as strong? That’s fine, just get a takedown. It’s a simple, yet effective strategy. Yet, wrestling class is typically the least attended class at MMA gyms. It’s pretty puzzling. So, I wanted to write a little article giving you some benefits of wrestling in hopes that you’ll it a bit more seriously.

Jiu Jitsu Benefits

Sure, some Jiu Jitsu players like pulling guard and working from their back. In my opinion, it’s much better to have a more dominant position; mount, side control, or back control. Wrestling teaches you how to get into these positions effectively. It also teaches you how to effectively shift your body weight to always be in solid position. Aside from that, Octane MMA teaches some pretty slick submissions out of wrestling base positions.

Learn the Art of the Throw

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Too many times, you see two Jiu Jitsu players tied up on their feet, neither knowing what to do. Wrestling teaches you a blend of Judo that will have you confident in these positions. There’s nothing better than having someone charge at you unknowing that you’re about to throw them to the mat with a technique they didn’t know existed. Wrestling will teach you how to purposely put yourself into deceiving positions to throw your opponent off. And just when he feels comfortable, bam! He’s counting lights from his back.

Defense from Your Feet

Your Kickboxing game can be strong, your Jiu Jitsu game on par. If you can’t defend a takedown against even a mediocre wrestler, you’re in for a long day. The sprawl is the easiest way to defend a takedown, but we’ve got so many defensive tips and tricks, your head will spin. There’s a lot to learn, but if you’re looking to be able to stop a wrestler from beating you where he’s best, you need to be in wrestling class.

Learn How To Ride Legs

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I call this technique “riding legs.” Others refer to it as hooks, or boots. Whatever you want to call it, it’s extremely effective. If what I just said is foreign to you, riding legs is basically controlling your opponent using the lower half of your body. Typically done when you have back control, you use your hips to knock down your opponent’s base. There’s a variety of submissions available to you from this position. Eddie Bravo (Youtube him) is a master from here. He’s got an entire series from here, and he’s won World Titles with it. You’ll learn how to utilize it in wrestling class.

Killer Cardio Workout

Wrestling is one of the hardest workouts you’ll endure at an MMA gym. You’re using nearly every muscle in your body to get a takedown. You’re constantly moving, and constantly trying to improve your positioning. This type of movement takes skill, precision, and a lot of muscle endurance. It also will get you in amazing shape and tone muscles you didn’t even know existed.